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Littlegreen Special School is forced to turn into academy

Governors of Littlegreen Special School have gone against parents and staff’s views and are pressing ahead with plans to turn it into an academy.


The interim executive board of governors for the Chichester school has announced it is to continue with plans to convert the school into an academy on January 1, 2019, despite opposition from parents and staff.


The decision came only 48 hours after a well-attended public meeting last Wednesday, where parents, staff and community members united in their opposition to the plans and called instead for the school to be reinspected by Ofsted.


Patrick Cummings, chairman of the board of governors, heard the concerns, but said the decision of the four appointed governors was democratic and refused to give his backing to the parents’ demands.


Melanie Reid, whose son attends the school, said “I am now extremely fearful for my son’s future and the boys in the care of the local authority who do not have a voice to speak out for them.”


Campaigners want the governors to request a full Ofsted inspection before the end of the year after the positive Ofsted monitoring visit in July, 2018.


Headteacher Pam Ridgwell was in post for eight weeks before the Ofsted inspection in November, 2017, judged the school to have serious weaknesses and subsequently issued it with an order to convert to an academy under The Solent Academies Trust.


The monitoring visit found that school leaders were taking effective actions towards the removal of the serious weaknesses designation.


Hayley Rose, parent campaigner, said: “The bottom line is we don’t want the boys disrupted. The boys are doing well, we had our monitoring inspection on July 1 and it was very, very positive.”

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