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A plastic plan

Councillors have agreed to continue their work to remove single-use plastics from council premises and encourage plastic-free initiatives across the district.


At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors approved a single use plastics action plan to phase out the items from its premises and create a campaign of awareness.


The plan will see identification and removal of any single-use plastics that can be easily removed or substituted from council buildings by December this year.


Cllr John Connor, cabinet member for environmental services, said: “This is an issue of increasing concern to our residents. From the litter in the street to micro-plastics in our seas, support is growing for making some simple changes.


“You may well have noticed a new drinking fountain in the entrance to this building which has a bottle refilling point as well. This will allow us to sign up to the refill scheme, allowing users to see where they can fill their bottles for free, nearby, rather than buy a single-use one.”


Cllr Roger Barrow, cabinet member for residents services, fully endorsed the campaign. “There is a very considerable and significant overlap of this campaign and the Against Litter campaign, which I’m leading,” he said.


“I will undertake, to ensure, that our Against Litter Campaign works closely with you, Cllr Connor, on our joint campaign.”


Following the meeting, Cllr Adrian Moss said: “It is imperative that our council is seen to be leading the way in our approach to the use of single-use plastics. We are the custodians of this district and country for future generations and if we allow high levels of plastic to contaminate our land and get into to the water we will permanently damage the environment.”


I am happy to lead this campaign on behalf of the District Council.”

Posted in Local Developments, News.