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Glow in the dark golf course will suit kids down to a tee

CHICHESTER Golf Club has opened an 18-hole, indoor, glow in the dark course – possibly the only one of its kind in the UK golfing world.


The new course at Hunston has been created in just five months, to help the club attract visitors in all weathers.


Sally Haygarth, owner of Chichester Golf Club for 18 years, said she got the idea from America.


She said: “Our outdoor adventure golf course has been in place for four years now. The idea for our new one came from the frustration of it being the summer holidays and pouring with rain and therefore having no customers.


“I wanted something inside which the weather couldn’t spoil. There isn’t a great deal to do in bad weather in this area. I saw a similar one in America and thought it would work well here.”


The 18-hole golf course can be found at the new extension which backs on to the driving range. Visitors are given a glow in the dark ball and putter to play in the black room kitted out with UV lights.


The theme is an 1850s vanity fair with a battle between pirates and English soldiers. The room is decorated with images of soldiers, pirates, mermaids, fish and each hole has unique obstacles including shark fins and octopus.


Sally continued: “We commissioned an American company to do the fit-out. We kept saying everything has to be black, the air conditioning, the lights, everything!


“We already have some school parties booked in and corporate bookings. The great thing about this is it’s open from 9.30am to 9pm daily so it’s really an option for all ages. We like to think of it as an alternative to bowling or the cinema and we have our restaurant here, too, so people can get something to eat after.


“We are also recruiting more staff for different time slots too. A lot of people don’t want to come to golf clubs because they think they are stuffy and full of old men but we are welcoming families and children.


“It gives children a chance to try out an activity and go on and try lessons if they like, or give the driving range a go. We now have our indoor and adventure golf, footgolf, pitch and put, the driving range and our golf course, so there is something for everyone.” For more information, visit:

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