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Asian Summer comes to city

AN AUTHOR from Chichester is holding a book launch and family fun day, bringing a touch of Asia to Chichester.


Five years after the launch of Laura Pauley’s first book which documented the struggle of bringing a baby into the world alone, she decided to take her daughter backpacking around Asia.


Laura and daughter, Summer stayed with a Thai family in their tree house who couldn’t speak English as well as in orphanages after they had spent a year before visiting, fundraising for them.


After discovering she was pregnant, Laura found herself single, homeless and jobless and in 2010 released a book about her struggle called My Summer Bump.


Five years later Laura and her daughter went backpacking around Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, working as elephant and bear keepers, living with a local family in the Thai jungle and visiting numerous orphanages handing out toys and stationary they fundraised for.


The book, My Asian Summer covers subjects such as the torture of animals, the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnam War and poverty, as well as stories of those she met along the way; providing an unexpected and thought-provoking insight into the wonderful and adventurous world of travelling.


Just this year and while writing the book, pregnant with her third child, Laura was diagnosed with a blood clot on the brain as well as multiple E-Coli infections. This diagnosis resulted in temporary memory problems and numerous hospital admissions, making the release of the book within the same year (not to mention juggling a newborn, toddler and nine-year-old) a huge achievement.


Offering a ‘taste of Asia’ to Chichester and surrounding areas, Laura is bringing the book into the world by hosting an Asian party that will be open to the public.


The book’s official launch is Saturday, September 15 at Lavant Memorial Hall between 1pm and 5pm.

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