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Extra funding from district council for community hall

Over £98,000 has been granted to help fund the construction of Westhampnett Community Hall.


Local residents have long felt the lack of communal focus and specifically a community hall or building.


The desire for a community room was documented in the parish survey over 13 years ago and identified as an action point for the parish council.


In October, 2008, Chichester District Council received £98,712 secured from the development of land at the former gravel pit at Stane Street in Westhampnett.


Chichester district councillors agreed on Tuesday to release these funds, plus interest, to Westhampnett Parish Council for the project.


Cllr Eileen Lintill said: “It’s a long-held community aspiration and one that is desperately needed and I really hope that you can all help support the release of this money so they can just get on with it.


“I think as soon as they have it they are able to press the button and go.”


The proposed layout of the building, located on the Old Mauldin’s Nursery site, includes a main hall with vaulted ceiling and single-storey reception area, kitchen, toilets and plant.


The costs of this project are significantly in excess of this section 106 funding and the parish council is therefore using other sources of funding to complete this project.


Parish Council chairman Bill Harding said: “We are delighted after waiting for so long to receive these funds.


“We couldn’t expect the funds until it had been approved by Chichester District Council.


“We are now awaiting a similar payment from Roman Walk and then we have the bulk of the money required.”

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