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Driving force behind trainees

A SPECIALISED company in motorsport, aerospace and marine industries has seen its first trainees graduate.


Global Technologies Racing Limited (GTR) is a leading carbon composites manufacturer, based at Fontwell, with developing local talent at the forefront of its ethos.


When a shortage of the relevant skills became apparent, GTR embarked on a programme to provide training in the necessary skill sets required. Actively recruiting between ten and 20 trainees annually has been proven to secure a resource stream that can be fed into production with instilled GTR processes and values.


Martin Meissel, general manager of GTR, said:”Potential candidates must complete an interview and a skills evaluation test before being accepted onto the programme. They are then paid for the duration of the programme, which is in the form of a two-year contract, with performance reviews every three months.


“On successful completion of the two years, a decision will be made to either keep the newly graduated trainee as part of the GTR workforce or assist in finding alternative employment for them if GTR have no need for further resource at that time.


“This ensures GTR have flexibility over resourcing for projects and is a powerful marketing tool through supplying well-trained individuals to the industry. These candidates may then be considered for suitable roles at GTR in those fields. The programme has now been running for two years with the trainees from the initial intake graduating this summer and all being offered permanent positions within GTR.”


Kieran Stignant, 25, started working for GTR in August, 2016, on the shop floor and is now one of the company’s designers.


he said: “I came here with no work experience but I have learnt so much. The benefit of working on the shop floor has helped me with design. I have a wealth of knowledge now. I really enjoy it and I see myself staying long-term.”


GTR welcomes suitable CV applications to its website:

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