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Free school principal to move on as it prepares for new home

THE principal of Chichester Free School has announced he is leaving.


Guy Martyn, who has been in post since the school began in 2013, will  take up a new position as principal of a school in Essex from January.


He said: “I have enormously enjoyed my time as founding principal of Chichester Free School.


We have achieved extraordinary things since we started with no premises and no staff, but crucially a strong vision everyone believed in. It’s been an exhilarating journey for all of us who have been pioneers in creating this new school for Chichester.


“I will leave the school in a very strong place, with great results at GCSE this summer and also in primary, and the promised convent site finally due for completion next year.


“Although I will be sad to leave such a great staff team, such wonderful pupils and parents who took the plunge and stuck with us as a brand new school, now is the right time for me to accept a new challenge and for the school to benefit from the different energy a new principal will undoubtedly bring.”


One of the school’s founders, Jenny Clough, will take over as interim head. Governors will seek a new principal once staff and pupils are settled into the new site at the former Carmelite convent in Hunston next year.

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