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Theatre | There really is no business like show business!

Why not give your child a confident and show-stopping start to the year with Stagecoach Performing Arts Chichester?


At Stagecoach Performing Arts Chichester children are given the opportunity to express their creativity as well as a passion for performing that not only gives them confidence on the stage but confidence in life. Since Stagecoach are now enrolling for their Spring Term this is the perfect time to let your children explore their theatrical side.
Part of the national Stagecoach company, the Chichester branch is based at Bishop Luffa School.
We spoke to Stephanie from Stagecoach Performing Arts Chichester about what they have to offer.
Why is the theatre so important to all ages?
Theatre is not just a place for people to be entertained or for performers to put on shows. It’s an experience for all involved.
And for the performers it can be a life-changing experience. It can be a way to let your real self sine through even if you are acting as someone completely different on stage.
The response you receive from the audience is also a great buzz for any performer. And it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you will still enjoy the applause.
What can children gain from being introduced to the theatre at a young age as opposed to waiting until they are older?
It’s a great way for them to learn the basics of performing, so much so that when they are older these become natural to them. Their confidence also grows from the moment they start performing and it’s great to see that develop the older they get.
Of course, it doesn’t matter what age you enter the theatre but those who start when they’re younger are able to develop important skills early on.
What ages do you offer classes to?
There are two stages we offer classes for. The Early Stages are for ages 4-6, and the Main Stages are for those aged 6-18.
Stagecoach covers a range of theatrical skills. What exactly are these?
We cover the three main skills of theatre with singing, dancing and acting lessons.
How can these skills help children in everyday life as well as shaping who they will become in the future?
Even if our children don’t want to pursue a career in the theatre the skills that they learn with us are great for them as people.
Performing will greatly boost their confidence in every kind of situation, from meeting new people, to starting new jobs and just having the confidence to  be  themselves.
Are these skills put to use in shows for parents to watch?
Yes, every year we put on two performances for family and friends to come and watch. This is a very special time for all our students as they are able to put all their hard work to good use. They always receive such a wonderful reaction from the audience.
Performing together must also encourage children to make new friends, do you see any lifelong friendships created through Stagecoach?
Definitely. The friendships that these children make will last a long time because they’ve shared such wonderful experiences together. Their common interest in theatre and performing also ensures that they stay friends for years to come.
All your classes begin with a two-week trial for potential students. Why is this so important?
This gives them the chance to see if they enjoy performing enough to commit to our programmes. The two weeks is an exciting mix of dance, singing and drama to give them a real feel for what we do.
You also offer workshops. Can you tell us more?
In our holiday workshops, children have fun improving their performing arts skills and get the chance to put on shows at the end of them. They are held during the school holidays and run for five days a week.
And finally, what can students expect from their Stagecoach experience?
They will always receive a warm and friendly welcome from their teachers and other students, and, of course, the main priority is that they have fun every week!
For more information about Stagecoach Performing Arts Chichester visit or call 01243 587885.
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