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Health | Jenny’s Journey

It’s that time of year. You know the feeling; you’ve over indulged, zips are tight, body bulges are rampant and clothes strain to breaking point. Yes it’s time for yet another new year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit.
The easy bit is making the resolution. The hard bit is keeping to it. Over the next few weeks many will vow to get in shape and recapture the time when they were slimmer and fitter. Many sadly will fall by the wayside but as an incentive to those who really want to achieve their goal, here’s a personal tale of success.
Jenny is a school teacher in Bognor Regis spoke of her fitness journey with the Arena. She said: “I have always been a big girl. At nearly 6ft tall I could carry the weight. But when, on the completion of my teacher training in July 2011, I reached nineteen and a half stone, life had to change; so the ‘nothing nice’ diet as I called it started in January 2012.”
Realising that she would need help and advice in her undertaking, Jenny joined the Arena Gym, where she was advised on the safest and most effective way to achieve her goal. Regarding dietary advice, the Arena points out that there are some surprisingly ‘tasty low fat and sugar’ options to be discovered if you know where to look.
“I started my journey with a target of four stone in a year. I smashed it and lost nearly five.  Moving forward and feeling great
“I started training with the Amazons basketball team and drop-in basketball with the Jets! As I evolved so did the Arena with lots more classes becoming available and I tried most of them.
“But one class and instructor stood out from the others – Becky’s MultiFit, which is just the best! It’s an all over body workout that is suitable for all abilities, sizes, shapes and gender. Every class includes a different set up, challenging exercises, and includes cardio, strength training, toning, core and lots of fun! There’s no chance to get bored as Becky is always changing it up. ”
“I also do the spinning class and use the gym at least 5 times a week and play badminton. The facilities and staff have witnessed my journey and I’m proud to say I joined other Arena members for my first ever 10k run last September.
“I have now lost nearly eight stone and continue to work hard and play harder! I would like to thank all the staff at the Arena and my family and friends for their support and encouragement over the years!”
Jenny’s experience confirms that regular exercise and a good diet can help you lose weight, make you fitter and feel younger.
To achieve her target she wisely sought professional advice. The Arena Sports Centre is a six million pound sports facility offering everything from all-weather sports pitches to children’s activity parties to swimming.
It’s a non-profit making organisation and the Arena Gym  is one of the best equipped facilities in the area, with over 80 stations including the latest cardiovascular, free weights and resistance machines.
Its friendly fully qualified staff are always on hand to help and advise on the safest and quickest way to achieve your personal goals. The gym caters for a wide range of disabilities and conditions and the premises are wheelchair friendly.
Until 13th February, 2017 the Arena Gym is offering membership at 2012 prices when you pay by direct debit. There’s a £30 joining fee and nothing else to pay until 20th February, 2017. On joining you receive a free induction and health check, a free personal training plan, which is updated monthly, and a free welcome gift when you quote promo number 110.
To find out more go to the Arena Sports Centre’s  website at or visit the Arena Sports Centre, next to the Regis School, Westloats Lane, Bognor Regis – Telephone 01243 870000.
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