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Health | An independent gym with a personal touch

Most resolutions made at the start of the new year will involve some kind of promise to “get fit”, or “lose weight” or to “just be healthier”. These are all very well but a lot of the time these ideals go out of the window once the reality of these tasks is realised.


Legends Gym in Bognor Regis aims to help you push through the challenges you face when making tough lifestyle changes by offering affordable, professional and personal fitness services.


Located in the Durban Road Business Centre, this 2,000 square-foot gym provides a more private atmosphere than might be found in a larger, chain facility. As an independent business run by local people Manager Stuart Jones described it as “a friendly and welcoming place.” He also explained that due to its cosy premises it is the perfect place to socialise.


He said: “Everyone knows everyone, and the staff are on first-name terms with the customers. We find that we are able to interact easily with customers and build friendships with them.”


Legends was founded in September this year by local people who used to work for Fitness First. Having witnessed the lack of personal customer service within chain companies the staff of Legends were keen to get involved with an independent business that could put the customer first.


The gym boasts a wide range of apparatus from over 25 pieces of weight lifting equipment such as dumb bells, cable machines and free weights. For those less interested in weight lifting there is also plenty of cardio equipment to use, including running machines, cross trainers and spinning bikes. The staff at Legends will also be on hand to offer free advice tailored specifically for you and built on their great wealth of experience.


Stuart explained that this is not the only thing that sets them apart from other gyms on the market. He said: “What makes us different is that all the staff have trained together at the gym when we worked for Fitness First. During this time we were able to interact with customers and find out what they really needed.


“We discovered that many of them wanted a more personal approach.


“At Legends we believe that training should be available to all and that customers should get the advice they need to help them get the most out the training. This should leave them more time for outside the gym.


“The gym shouldn’t take over your life. It should make you healthier so you can go out and live your life the way you want to.”


Yearly membership with Legends is available at an affordable £24.99 per month, and only £15 per month for students and NHS workers. However, they also offer rolling contracts at £28.99, and one-off sessions are priced at £5 each.

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