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Top darts trio take ‘blind trebles’ title

JOHN Coles (Newtown ‘X’), Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker ‘C’) and Micky Rowland (POW ‘Z’) were victorious in the Friday Night Summer Darts League’s Blind Trebles. The action came as the conclusion of the summer season followed by the trophy presentation at the Newtown Social Club. The first semi-final saw Joe Osman (BRSA Wanderers), Martin Grainger (Royal Oak) and Adam Hall (the Station) take on Dave Bourne (Chi Snooker ‘C’), Ian Hackett (Squash Club) and Mark Walker (BRSA Wanderers). Osman, Grainger and Hall pushed their luck by taking it to three legs, but in the end Bourne, Hackett and Walker made it to the final. The second semi-final saw Coles, Robinson and Rowland against Derrick Longhurst (Squash Club), Pat O’Hara (Chi Snooker ‘A’) and Mary-Jane Todd (BRSA Ravens). With two of the top players from division 1 on the same team it didn’t take long for Coles, Robinson and Rowland to reach the final. The final saw Sussex County Darts MC, and Hunston Hares player Rick Cousins take the mic and get the match underway. Robinson won the bullseye start but started badly by scoring 7 with his first throw, but his next two throws were both tons. Rowland then hit 96 to leave 40, and Coles hit the double top with his first dart, taking the first leg. The second leg saw Rowland hit 123 and Coles hit 100. This gave them the early lead again, but Walker hit back by scoring 140, while Bourne hit 55 to leave 123. But Robinson had been left with 106, and with treble 20, single 6 and double top, the 106 out-shot was hit, taking the leg win, and the 2-0 match win. Coles, Robinson and Rowland took the title and took home a record £240 between them, while the runners-up took home £120. Loads of prizes were won in the raffle, and once again the trophies were supplied by C&M Trophies of Littlehampton. The Bognor Benevolent Darts League gave three cheques of £500 to Breast Cancer Care, Chestnut Tree House and Canine Partners. Another £500 will be donated to the Liver Intensive Therapy Unit at Kings College Hospital in London on behalf of the league. Meanwhile, 56 players stepped up to the oche in the Star Darts Blind Pairs Knockout. The first semi-final saw Ashley Clements (POW ‘B’) team up with Peter Hall (Chi Snooker) but lost to Lee Franklin (Squash Club) and Nick Hales (the Monters). The second semi-final saw Andy Stubbs (Hunston Club) and Alex Richardson (Friary Arms) beat Ian Hackett (Chi Snooker) and Andy Whiteley (Claremont ‘A’). The final saw Franklin win the bullseye and start the match with 121. A 100 from Stubbs saw both teams on the same score, but Hales hit a 140 and Franklin followed with 89. This left Hales with 84, and with his next throw the double was hit, taking the first leg. The second leg saw another 140 from Hales, with a ton from Franklin. Another 100 from Stubbs and a 99 from Richardson saw them left with just 60, but the last dart from Stubbs just missed the double. With 56 left Hales wired double top with the second dart but dropped the last dart low into the single 20. Richardson then missed his double, as did Hales, giving Stubbs another shot, hitting the double and taking the second leg. Franklin started the last leg with 95, and Hales followed with 100 and 140. Franklin hit 91 to leave a double 8 finish, but then Stubbs hit 123 to leave a 156 finish. Hales halved the score with 8 and this gave Richardson a shot at 156, but he could only hit 82 to leave 74. Franklin missed the double, and left double 1 (the madhouse), Stubbs could only leave double top, which gave Hales a chance. The first two darts just wired double 1, but the last dart bounced out. Richardson went up for 40, but the last dart just wired the double. Franklin only needed 1 dart to hit double 1, taking the title.

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