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Franklin ‘n Owens arrow in on title!

Lee Franklin and Dave Owens (POW ‘Z’) won the Friday Night Summer League Division 1 pairs KO title as the divisional knockouts took place at Newtown Social Club. The event, which had 82 players taking part, saw the first Division 1 semi-final saw Mark Sheppard (Hunston Hares) and Andy Cooper (Squash Club) take on Franklin and Owens. Sheppard hit a 180 in the previous round, but it wasn’t enough to get through. The second semi-final saw an all-Squash Club game between Buster Barton and Derrick Longhurst against Graeme Dutton and Richard Ragless. Longhurst had hit a 180 in the previous round, but a 180 from Ragless in this game helped his pair get to the final. The Division 1 final saw Franklin win the bullseye but his team got off to a slow start. Meanwhile Dutton started with a ton and 81, and Ragless with 81 and 82. Two throws later Ragless hit double for the first leg. Dutton and Ragless went into the lead in the second leg as well, but failed to hit the double to take the title. Owens hit two single 20s and double top for the leg. The last leg saw Franklin start with 80, despite a bounce out, and Owens followed that with a maximum 180. Owens had 90 but miscounted, leaving Franklin with 26, but on the next throw Franklin took the leg, winning the match 2-1, giving himself and Owens the title. Division 2 saw 13 pairs step up and the first two rounds saw a family feud with the younger member losing out. And there was a 180 from Tim McCarthy (Friary ‘C’), but that failed to get him and his partner though to the semi-finals. The first semi-final saw Esme Davis and Michael Hoare (Richmond ‘B’) take on Gary Blackwood (BRSA Wanderers) and Gary Bryant (Claremont Wanderers). Blackwood and Bryant showed why they were higher in the averages and took the place in the final. The second semi-final was between Dave Stone and Joe Osman (BRSA Wanderers) taking on Dave Wingate and George Claridge (Friary ‘D’). Wingate and Claridge took the chances to make the final. The final saw Wingate hit the first ton, but Blackwood and Bryant hit two tons on the trot giving them the lead. Wingate hit 77 to halve the score, but Claridge could only leave 40. Blackwood had 18 left but couldn’t hit it, leaving Wingate to hit double top to take the leg. Leg 2 saw Blackwood and Bryant take the lead with Bryant scoring 95, 96 and 90 to leave 36 for Blackwood. A 125 from Wingate left 60 for Claridge but he could only leave 20. Blackwood hit the finish for the second leg. Again Wingate hit the first ton of the third leg, but Bryant hit two tons of his own, whilst Blackwood hit 85 and 98. With 60 left Bryant missed double 10 to finish the leg, but Blackwood came back on his throw to take the double and the title. Division 3 also saw 13 pairs take to the oche. The first semi-final saw Emma Bist and Paula Duckett (the Station) take on Dave Coupland and Martin Grainger (Royal Oak). A 104 out-shot on the bullseye from Bist helped her and Duckett make their way to the final. The second semi-final saw Ashley Clements (New Jacks) and Stuart Gray (POW Galleon) team up but lose to Alex Richardson and Adam Hall (the Station). The final saw Bist win the bullseye, but Richardson and Hall did the scoring and went in to the lead and took the first leg. The second leg saw both Richardson and Bist start with scores of 95. Duckett then hit a ton and 83, leaving Bist with 92, and Richardson hit a ton to leave Hall with 139. Bist’s first dart was shy of the treble 20. The second dart hit treble 19, but the last dart flew high. Richardson hit 97 to leave 14. Duckett, now with 51 left had bust the finish, and so did Hall, leaving Richardson his chance which he got with the second dart, giving himself and Hall the title.

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