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Northern Bypass Options

Dear Editor


Thank you for your fair and balanced coverage of the debate on which option (if any), would best serve the needs of Chichester.


Since your last edition, a crowded meeting organised by Donnington Parish Council overwhelmingly voted for the ‘No Option’ choice with a caveat that the Northern Bypass Option be re-considered as it was mysteriously withdrawn from the original list of options.


In addition, the Chichester Canal Trust have described Option 2 as a ‘travesty’ and argue forcefully that this option would be hugely detrimental to their successful business and all users of the canal facilities.


These latest contributions to the consultative exercise add their weight to the almost universal objections to Option 2 from parish councils in the Manhood Peninsula, residents’ groups and individuals south of the A27 who believe this option would spell disaster for this area of Chichester.


The bottom line is: £280 million, 41 months of misery and traffic chaos during the construction phase for a two minute saving on local journey times.


What economic or environmental arguments could possibly justify such a ridiculous deal?


Mike Harper, Canal Walk, Chichester


I am curious to know if the 5,000 signatures that were collected against the proposal for a northern route, were actually from people who live in the Chichester area or just from “friends” of the Goodwood estate, who do not have to deal with the traffic congestion on a daily basis. R.L., Merston, Chichester.


There is only one proper solution to the horrible traffic problem in Chichester – this is a Northern By pass route. It is a scandal that it was not put forward as an option.


Grantley Thoms, Chichester

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