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Dear Editor


The referendum on June 23rd is very important and the outcome will determine the future of our country and the lives of our children and grandchildren.


We have heard much about immigration and the economy, but there is one issue that trumps all other issues – sovereignty.


Do we want the UK to be governed by democratically elected representatives or by appointed bureaucrats in Brussels? Do we want our children to enjoy the hard won freedom and democracy that our generation inherited or do we want to tie them forever to the EU political project with its ultimate goals of political, military and fiscal union?


In 1975, the UK voted to stay in the Common Market, not to join a fundamentally flawed political project called the EU. Whoever designed the EU political project completely “forgot” to design in democracy! Let’s slay two myths. We are told that we have to be in the EU to have influence.


Yet the UK has opposed 72 measures in the EU Council which have gone on to become law against our wishes. All 72 UK arguments were ignored. Look at the pathetic “reforms” our Prime Minister achieved. We have no influence inside the EU – they listen but they do not hear.


There are 168 nations outside the EU – nations like USA, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China etc. and by some economic miracle they all seem to be surviving. Like these countries, we can thrive outside the EU. Today’s shallow establishment politicians value wealth above liberty. Yet, previous generations have laid down their very lives for our liberty. I have confidence in the UK’s ability to govern itself and I hope that we will vote to become an independent and self governing nation once again.


We must take back control. We have one chance only – on 23rd June. Independence Day.

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