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Chichester Market

Dear Editor


I read with interest the plans for a new weekly market in Chichester – what a good idea.


However; what worries me are the high parking charges for parking a car in Chichester. By this I mean not the actual rates but the way they work out the charges. For example, why always do they charge an amount just under or over a round figure.


Not everyone has the right change so they often end up paying more to park for the agreed set time but get no change back and the ticket does not allow for the extra payment. I have written to Chichester Council but they state it is due to the type of machines used. That is not the case! One can set a relevant tariff so why don’t they round it off?


In one of my letters under The Freedom of Information Act I asked how much extra money they had made from parking charges due to people overfeeding the machines.


They were not able to answer this! What concerns me is where is the money going to and what is it being used for?


I was in Chichester the other week and several people were at one of the pay machines – all had not got the right extra money over the round figure so paid more than they should. One was a tourist from Yorkshire and said that it was appalling the way the council obtained extra money.


I recently have been in Cornwall and parking in Padstow was all rounded off to £1 amounts without any small coins added. Also sometimes putting the extra small change in confuses the machines and I have had to apply to Chichester Council for refunds. Time the council members sorted this out. Greed and no proof of where the extra money goes needs to be investigated.


No way will I visit the market, as any costs savings will be taken by the council on these high charges.

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