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Champions Paula and Dave prove to be a real knockout

PAULA Duckett and Dave Owens have been crowned the new Summer League Mixed Pairs Knockout champions. Duckett (the Station) and Owens (POW ‘Z’) grabbed the glory at the Newtown Social Club with a turnout of 22 teams. The first semi-final saw last seasons winter runners-up and the summer 2013 runners-up Duckett and Owens (POW ‘Z’) take on the siblings of Mary-Jane Todd and Mark H Todd (BRSA Ravens). Despite some good scores of 95 and 100 from MJ Todd, and a 100 from Mark Todd, it was Duckett with 100 and Owens with 134 and 100, who managed to make it to the final. The second semi-final saw Hayley Gatford and Andy Stubbs (Hunston Hares) against the son and mother team of Richard and Bridget Scott-Ragless. Last season’s winter knockout saw both teams out in the semi-finals. Stubbs won the bullseye to get the first darts, and he and Gatford kept the lead to take the first leg despite nine missed darts at the double. The second leg was closer, but with two tons from Stubbs and the second double of the game from Gatford, they got the win and earned their final berth. The final saw Stubbs take the first darts over Duckett, but only just, and he started with 81. But Owens had three large scores of 100, 95 and 85, giving his team the slight lead. With 26 points in it, Stubbs stepped up for 74, he hit single 14, then single 20, but that last dart was just under the double top. Duckett was next and throwing for 100, but she could only hit 60, leaving Owens 40. Gatford tried for 20, but could not get it, giving Owens the chance for double top, which he hit with the second dart, taking the first leg. The second leg saw the top score come from Gatford with a 140, but later scores of 94 from Duckett and 99 and 100 from Owens gave them a great lead. It then went all wrong for Gatford and Stubbs who just couldn’t seem to hit any big scores. Owens stepped up for 70, but could only leave 32. Gatford left Stubbs with a shot at 152, but before he got round to the oche Duckett was going for the out-shot. She had 32 left but dropped the first dart into the double seven by mistake. Her second dart was just outside the double nine but, the last dart squeezed into the corner of the double to take the leg and the match win, making the delighted duo Mixed Pairs Champions for the first time.

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