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Louis de Bernières names German dog

FANS OF best-selling author, Louis de Bernières had the chance to hear him read from his latest novel before it hit the stands.


Louis had held a sell-out lunchtime talk on Friday at the Vicars Hall as part of the Festival of Chichester.


The British novelist, most famous for his fourth novel, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, gave the talk and read passages from his book, The Dust That Falls From Dreams and his newest novel, So Much Life Left Over, released yesterday.


In 1993 Louis de Bernières was selected as one of the “20 Best of Young British Novelists”, part of a promotion in Granta magazine.


His book, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, became a 2001 film starring Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz to which Louis said: “Being asked questions about the film is always something I dread because it wasn’t actually my work. They ask your advice and then ignore it.


“I was on the set, but watching the filming is just terribly boring. I just went away and did tourism and then came back in the evening and had fun with the Italian actors who were all acting to stereotype.


“I wasn’t all that impressed with the film, for example, there was an unnecessary sex scene in the middle. One of the saddest parts of the novel is that they don’t become lovers until they are very old, so that sex scene spoilt it.


When asked about research of the topics in his book, Louis said: “Research does involve a lot of reading. But I don’t feel as though it is completed, unless I actually go there. So, for example, to write about Gallipoli, I spent two weeks on the battlefields.”


Louis de Bernières was also asked by a member of the audience to name one of the new puppies in the litter of German Weimaraner gun dogs, the woman had just bred.


He answered: “I have got two German pilots in my novel The Dust That Falls From Dreams. One is called Hans and the other is called Fritzel. I think Fritzel would be a good name.”

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