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Health | Water and fibre can get to the bottom of a problem

It’s A subject that people don’t really want to discuss, but it is a fact of life that a high percentage of the population have suffered from, or have haemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles.


Hemorrhoids are swollen and irritated veins around the anus or in the lower rectum of the body, which is the last segment of the large intestine leading to the anus. Its important to consider a few things when using the bathroom that may help control or avoid haemorrhoids completely.


The number one tip is NOT to force a bowel movement. Straining and pushing may make hemorrhoids worse. If a bowel movement has not occurred after 2/3 minutes, it is best to get up and try again later. It also helps some people to have a similar schedule every day, such as sitting on the toilet for a few minutes after each meal.


Number two tip…(no pun intended!) listen to the body in these cases. The moment the body needs a bowel movement is the best time to do it. Waiting for a less social setting or waiting to use the toilet at home can actually back up the stool and cause more stress and straining. This will only make the haemorrhoids worse.


Softness goes a long way with haemorrhoids. If toilet paper is too irritating, using damp toilet paper may help. Alcohol-free baby wipes with absolutely no additives may also provide relief when wiping.


Making certain lifestyle choices can help massively by either reducing the risk of developing haemorrhoids or limit the time that a person has them. These include:


1. Drinking plenty of liquids –
According to research, most anal problems such as haemorrhoids are caused by a lack of liquids in the diet. Drinking plenty of liquid throughout the day keeps the stool soft and manageable as it works its way through the intestines. The result is a much softer stool that takes less energy to pass and causes less irritation to the haemorrhoids.


2. Fibre-rich diet –
Diets high in fibre are very important to digestive health, especially when it comes to bowel movements. Fibre can absorb water, which helps to both soften the stool and give it more body. This makes it easier to pass, so plenty of fruits and vegetables daily are essential.


Natural remedies that may help…


Coconut oil can be very useful! If you keep a small jar of coconut oil in your bathroom, reserved just for this purpose, you can easily apply some coconut oil externally on the haemorrhoids after each bowel movement. Use a fresh tissue to scoop out and apply a bit of coconut oil. This method is immediately soothing. Coconut oil has pain- relieving properties and is also anti-bacterial, which may be helpful and it is also an anti-inflammatory.


It can be taken internally instead or in addition to topical use. Coconut oil works as an anti-inflammatory when taken internally too and provides nutrients. For some, it provides a gentle laxative effect. Because constipation is a cause of haemorrhoids, using coconut oil to relieve constipation will relieve its condition. The maximum dose of coconut oil that is suggested per day is three tablespoons, taken throughout the day. But start with just a teaspoon a few times a day and make sure it suits you and slowly move up to the maximum dose.


Aloe Vera can be applied on hemorrhoids as it gives an almost instant relief since it will help to calm and soothe tissues that are inflamed. So it can be said that gel from this plant can be an effective remedy against symptoms like irritation, burning sensation, itching and pain.


Due to the fact that this plant has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help not only provide relief from the symptoms, but it can also be effective in treating this condition. Both of these will help to shrink swollen tissues of piles and get rid of the condition faster.


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