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The future of organic farming

An ORGANIC farmer from Chichester has launched a new video to explain what it really means to choose organic.


John Pitts has revealed the challenges behind the award-winning organic dairy and arable farming enterprise The Woodhorn Group in Oving.


The video outlines The Woodhorn Group’s holistic approach to farming that prioritises the welfare of the animals, people and soil in its care, as well as conservation of the local flora and fauna.


The launch of the video comes at a time when considerable change is anticipated in the government’s approach to both food production and the role farmers play in managing the natural environment.


Mr Pitts said: “Brexit is the ‘topic of the day’ for policy makers and one way or another we will deal with the outcomes. However, the way we look after our environment, our soil and our animals is not just about ‘today’ but about tomorrow and forever. This is where we, as farmers, must focus.”


The Pitts family has been farming in Chichester since 1882 and now over 130 years later, The Woodhorn Group is still a thriving business and has grown from a dairy and arable farm to encompass a fully-fledged waste recycling business producing organic peat-free compost and soil conditioning products under the Earth Cycle brand.


The firm’s innovative farming methods saw Mr Pitts named as Sustainable Farmer of the Year in October, 2015, for his commitment to sustainability at the national Farmers Weekly Awards.


To watch the video visit:

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