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County council conducts a big review of road space in the city

LEADING Chichester district councillors have said there are no current plans to close car parks in the city centre, except Basin Road car park, which has been identified as part of the Southern Gateway project.


Their comments are part of a response to a major examination of road space demands in the city, led by West Sussex County Council.


The council’s cabinet discussed its feedback to the road space audit which looks at current on and off-street parking demand, plus issues including future demands and pressures on the road network and parking supply.


The aims of the audit are to create a quieter, traffic-calmed city centre and ensure there is an appropriate amount of parking.


The audit makes several suggestions including introducing a residential on-street parking scheme to cover the whole of the urban area of Chichester.


This is to help protect parking for residents while also making use of surplus capacity so commuters can park in the daytime.


It also suggests reducing the number of traffic movements in the city centre by closing and redeveloping surface car parks within the city walls, and then introducing more short-stay spaces in the current long-stay car parks.

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