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Let’s join together and fight for funding for our schools

DO YOUR bit to lobby your MP and protect your child’s education – that’s the message from schools across West Sussex.


Parents across the county have received a letter updating them about the crisis affecting schools, including Bishop Luffa School in Chichester, signed by headteacher Nick Taunt.


In the letter, it said: “It should be acknowledged that introducing a new national formula was complex and challenging.


“Schools that have previously been at or below the “ breadline” do receive some  improvements to their funding position, but the universal view of headteachers across the 17 counties is that this is not enough to make a real difference.


“Over a five-year period, there is a shortfall of approximately £1.7 billion. The Institute of Fiscal Studies states that during 2015-2020, school budgets will have been cut in real terms by 4.6 per cent.


“This means that there is simply not enough money in the system.


“As a result, the Department for Education is unable to implement a new funding formula that meaningfully addresses the two principal aims of their new policy.”


Now, schools are encouraging parents to do their bit to lobby for more funding.


The letter continues: “As headteachers, we simply want to see every child’s school in England funded adequately. It is not about all schools receiving identical amounts of money, but it is about the fair application of a formula right across the country.


“We recognise that there has been some improvement to our budgets and that as a country we must live within our means.


“We cannot, however, suggest the new formula is, in any way, satisfactory.


“Please discuss these issues with your local MPs and local representatives.


“There are also many active local parent groups whom you can engage with.


“In the budget, which the Chancellor will deliver on November 22, he must do better to support your child’s education.


“MPs and education ministers must continue to bang the drum until every child’s education is fully and fairly funded.”

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